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Thialda Bok
Thialda Bok
  • height181 cm
  • bust81 cm
  • waist60 cm
  • hips88.5 cm
  • shoes40
  • eyesBlue gray
  • hairStrawberry blond
  • PronounShe/Her

Lovely Thialda is originally from Sneek, Friesland, with her beautiful eyes and fiery red hair that conspicuously crashes over her shoulders in a manner that commands adoration
. With four years of modeling experience to her credit, she reminisces that her most memorable campaign was for Celine and shot by Hedi Slimane. After the campaign, she chilled at the Eiffel Tower that night with a group of other models in awe of the experience, admitting later that seeing her face displayed all over Paris, London, Milan, and Asia was mind-blowing. Her ultimate fantasy is disappearing and traveling the world with a brick phone, truly living in the moment without limits or expectations.
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