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Roos Schreiner
Roos Schreiner
  • height178.5 cm
  • bust80 cm
  • waist62 cm
  • hips90 cm
  • shoes41
  • eyesBlue
  • hairBlond
  • PronounShe/Her

Roos is a driven athlete with a passion for long-distance running and field hockey
. Her pursuit of physical and mental challenges is evident in her dedication to training for half marathons. Beyond sports, Roos studies communication, fascinated by behavior influence and marketing strategies.
Her ultimate dream is to lead a happy, healthy life surrounded by loved ones. Roos believes in hard work, perseverance, and inspiring others to chase their dreams.
She is also a strong advocate for reducing poverty and promoting women's rights, striving for a more inclusive global society. Roos encourages embracing mistakes as opportunities for personal growth, reminding us that it's better to say "Oops" than to wonder "What if?"
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