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Lu Stelling
Lu Stelling
  • height181 cm
  • bust85 cm
  • waist70 cm
  • hips90 cm
  • shoes40.5
  • eyesBlue
  • hairBrown
  • PronounThey/Them

In Lu's story, we find a multifaceted individual whose passions, talents, and aspirations merge to form a unique narrative
. From orchestrating culinary symphonies to sharing the magic of live music, from inspiring others to embracing their true selves, Lu's journey is one of purpose, compassion, and the unyielding pursuit of dreams that transcend the ordinary. But the scope of Lu's ambitions doesn't stop there. Their heart beats with a desire to transform the world around them, dismantling the walls of judgment and fear that often constrain individuality. Through their actions and presence, Lu strives to illustrate that everyone possesses the power to be authentically themselves, without the shackles of external opinions.
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